Original Run February 16th 2010- May 18th 2010
Winner Armaldo
Previous Season Cycle 5
Cycle 7

Pokemon's Next Top Model Cycle 6 was considered a failure by the creator, Thunders21311,due to it's bad cast. He still picked a winner however, who happened to be Armaldo.This cycle featured the largest cast, 15.


Order Episodes
1 2 3 10 11  12


01 Regirock Armaldo Armaldo Aerodactyl Glalie Rampardos Magmortar Glalie Armaldo Swalot Armaldo Magmortar Armaldo Glalie Armaldo
02 Probopass Rampardos Aerodactyl Glalie Glalie Armaldo Glalie Armaldo Glalie
03 Delibird Magmortar Huntail Huntail Electivire Glalie Magmortar Magmortar
04 Delibird Aerodactyl Electivire Armaldo Magmortar Swalot Swalot
05 Magmortar Magmortar Swalot Electivire
06 Glalie Electivire Huntail
07 Huntail Swalot Aerodactyl
08 Magmortar Rampardos
09 Rampardos Aerodactyl Golem
10 Golem Delibird
11 Golem  Bronzor
12 Weezing Glalie Regirock
13 Glalie Magcargo Weezing Weezing
14 Bronzor Weezing Magcargo
15 Magcargo Probopass