Call-Out legend

The pokemon was added to the cast at the last minute
The pokemon won the reward challenge
The pokemon quit the competition
The pokemon was pokegirl/guy of the week
The pokemon was pokegirl/guy of the week and won the reward challenge
The pokemon was pokegirl/guy of the week but was eliminated
The pokemon was part of a non elimination bottom 2
The pokemon was eliminated
The pokemon became Pokemon's Next Top Model


           Flannery's Call-Out Order Edit

No. 1 2 3 4 5* 6 7 8 10  11 12 13 14
01 Jynx Arceus  Butterfree Glaceon Beedrill Glaceon Frosslass Arceus Lucario Lucario Arceus Frosslass Beedrill
02 Mr.Mime Glaceon Swampert Beedrill Hitmonlee Froslass Beedrill Butterfree Frosslass Beedrill Lucario Beedrill Frosslass
03 Butterfree Lucario Glaceon Arceus Swampert Blissey Blissey Frosslass Beedrill Arceus Frosslass Arceus
04 Hitmonlee Butterfree Frosslass Lucario Delcatty Lucario Arceus Beedrill Arceus Glaceon Beedrill Lucario
05 Lucario Hitmonlee Lucario Blissey Lucario Delcatty Delcatty Blissey Glaceon Frosslass Glaceon
06 Swampert Blissey Beedrill Frosslass Arceus Beedrill Glaceon Glaceon Blissey Blissey
07 Voltorb Beedrill Delcatty Jynx Glaceon Hitmonlee Lucario Lucario Butterfree
08 Blissey Delcatty Arceus Butterfree Frosslass Butterfree Butterfree Delcatty
09 Beedrill


Sharpedo Delcatty Butterfree Arceus  Hitmonlee
10 Frosslass Frosslass  Hitmonlee Swampert Blissey Jynx
11 Glaceon Jynx Blissey Hitmonlee Jynx
12 Delcatty Swampert Jynx Sharpedo
13 Sharpedo Mr.Mime Mr.Mime
14 Arceus Voltorb

  *In episode 5, Swampert quit the competition, saying that modeling was not his passion. When Blissey and Jynx were in the bottom 2, Jynx was originally going to be eliminated, but due to Swampert quitting, both girls were saved.

          The pokemon Edit

               Voltorb, Level 24, Mauville City, Hoenn

               Mr.Mime, Level 19, Pallet Town, Kanto*

               Sharpedo, Level 35, Mossdeep City, Hoenn

               Swampert, Level 37, Fortree City, Hoenn(quit)

               Jynx, Level 35, Olivine City, Johto

               Hitmonlee, Level 26, Saffron City, Kanto*

               Delcatty, Level 27, Canalave City, Shinnoh

               Butterfree, Level 19, Fireark City, Lirana**

               Blissey, Level 33, Loveroad Town, Lirana**

               Glaceon, Level 26, Canalave City, Shinnoh

               Lucario, Level 25, Veilstone City, Shinnoh*

               Arceus, Level 82, Spear Pillar, Shinnoh

               Frosslass, Level 26, Snowpoint City, Shinnoh(Runner-up)

               Beedrill, Level 20, Goldenrod City, Johto(Winner)

                 *The pokemon is a famous character from the anime/game, Lucario is Maylene's, Mr.Mime is  Delila Ketchum's, and Hitmonlee is Bruno's

                 **Lirana is NOT an official region, however, it is an undiscovered part of Kanto that I made up.