Pokemon's Next Top Model Cycle 3 was the third cycle of PNTM. It never aired, but the winner was Manectric from Mauville City, Hoenn.

            Flannery's Call-Out Order Edit


Order Episodes
7 10  12 13 14
01 Marowak Sunflora  Ho-Oh Marowak Flareon Tyrouge Raichu Ho-Oh Sunflora Manectric Manectric Manectric  Ho-Oh Manectric
02 Manectric Ledian Ledian Raichu Raichu  Manectric Ho-Oh
03 Parasect Manectric Ho-Oh Ho-Oh Ho-Oh Raichu
04 Foretress  Flareon Raichu Ledian Ledian
05 Sunflora Flareon Flareon Flareon
06 Ledian Raichu Sunflora
07 Onix Sunflora Marowak
08 Raichu Sunflora Tyrouge
09 Ho-Oh Raichu Raticate
10 Ryhorn Raticate Parasect
11 Starmie Tyrouge Parasect Ryhorn
12 Tyrouge Tyrouge Raticate Foretress
13 Flareon Ryhorn Onix
14 Raticate Starmie