O Airdates Winner Day Player of the season Afterlife Island
Tonga September 16th 2005- December 2005 Denise the Pikahu(4-3) Friday Alakazam Alakazam, Exploud
Chile February 11th 2010- May 4th 2010 Sceptile(5-2) Wednesday Breloom Tangrowth, Vileplume
Belize September 18th 2010- December 11th 2009 Kingdra(5-2) Saturday Kingdra Beedrill, Milotic,
Vietnam- Fire and Ice February 12th 2011- May 9th 2011 Smoochum(4-3-2) Saturday Arcanine Arcanine, Heatmor, Dewgong, Emboar, Weaville
Ghana- Tempation's Coast September 17th 2011- December 10th 2011 Slowbro "Slowbra"(6-1) Saturday* Basculin R. Basculin R., Samurott
Egypt February 3rd 2012 TBA Friday TBA TBA
Mariana Islands- Brain surge September 5th 2012 TBA TBA TBA TBA Psychic Types vs. Electric Types(16 castaways)
Pokemon Survivor: Afterlife Island* February 19th 2013 TBA TBA TBA TBA All-Stars and Second Chances
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