Pokemon Survivor Giza Necropolis: The Egyptian Graveyard


Giza Necropolis, Giza Plateau, Cairo, Egypt

No. Of Castaways 22
# of Jurors 9
# of Finalists 3
Winner Ernie(8-1-0)
Dynamic Duos Jessica(17/22), Heatstroke(21/22), Anubis(11/22), LA(20/22)
Oil & Water None
Champions Ernie(8/20)
Fans Vs. Favorites Ramses(22/22), Odette(14/22)
Publishing Method TBA
Filming Dates January 2012
Original Run February 10th 2012- May 13th 2012
Tribes Anubis
Created by Keeper111
Next Season Pokemon Survivor Season 2

  • X- Female
  • D- Male

Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
Slaking "Slaqueen" X Anubis None None 1st Voted Out Day 2 6
Beedrill "Beatriz" X Anubis None None 2nd Voted Out Day 5 14
Jaws Isis None None 3rd Voted Out Day 8 6
Sakura Anubis None None 4th Voted Out Day 8 5
Hydreigon "3-2" Isis None None 5th Voted Out Day 11 7 Blastoise "Jose" D Isis
Garchomp "Ferocious" D Isis
Swanna "Odette" X Anubis
Hydreigon "3-2" D Isis
Lucario "Anubis" X Anubis 1
Delibird "Mrs. Claus" X Anubis
Salamence "Liz" X Anubis
Articuno X Anubis
Moltres D* Isis
Dragonair "Miracle" D Isis Anubis
Infernape "Heatstroke"D Isis
Lopunny "Jessica"X Anubis
Cofagrigus "Ramses"D Isis 5
Gothitelle "Celeste"X Anubis
Dunsparce "Archibald"D Isis
Throh "Ernie"D Isis
Sawk "Bert"D Isis 3
Weezing "LA"X Anubis 4


  • Episode 1-
  • Episode 2 Onward-
Episode Title Date Reward Immunity Voted Out Vote Finish
"They banned me from GTS, what about Muk?!" February 3rd 2012 Isis Slaqueen 6-5 1st Voted Out Day 3
"What is this? An episode of Dr. Phil?" February 10th 2012 Isis Isis Beatriz 9-1 2nd Voted Out Day 5
"I have jaws for a reason" February 17th 2012 Isis Heatstroke Jaws 6-5
Anubis Sakura 5-4 4th Voted Out Day 8
5th Voted Out Day 8
6th Voted Out Day 14
7th Voted Out Day 15
8th Voted Out Day 18
9th Voted Out Day 21
10th Voted Out Day 24
11th Voted Out 1st Jury Member Day 24
12th Voted Out 2nd Jury Member Day 27
Episode 1 2 3
Voted Out Slaqueen 6/11 votes Beatriz 9/10 votes Jaws 6/11 votes Sakura 5/9 votes
Jose Ramses
Odette Slaqueen Beatriz LA
3-2 Jaws
Anubis Beatriz Beatriz Sakura
Mrs. Claus Beatriz Beatriz Sakura
Liz Beatriz Beatriz Sakura
Articuno Slaqueen Beatriz Sakura
Moltres Jaws
Miracle Jaws
Heatstroke Ramses
Jessica Slaqueen Beatriz LA
Ramses Jaws
Celeste Slaqueen Beatriz LA
Archibald Jaws
Ernie Ramses
Bert Ramses
LA Beatriz Beatriz Sakura
Sakura Slaqueen Beatriz LA
Jaws Ramses
Beatriz Slaqueen Anubis
Slaqueen Beatriz