Pokemon Survivor Ghana: Temptation's Coast is the thirteenth season of Pokemon Survivor.

Location Ghana
No. Of Castaways 16
Winner Savana(5-2)
Player of The Season Basculin Red
Tribes Acca
No. Of Days 39
Previous Season Pokemon Survivor Papua New Guinea
Nest Season Pokémon Survivor Egypt
Filming Dates June 2nd 2011- July 2011
Original Run September 17th 2011- December 10th 2011

{C Ashanti

{C Credit Order- "Acca- Edward, Beck, Vishnu, Watson, Savana, Sharpira, Lincoln, Arizona"

Ashanti- Zephyr, Fighter Jet , Rusty, Irene, Dolly, Barry, Otto

39 Days

Castaway Original Tribe Merge Total Votes Finish Moveset
Lincoln the Donphan Acca 4 1st Voted Out Day 3 Earthquake, Defense Curl
Staraptor Ashanti 4* 2nd Voted Out Day 6 Aerial Ace, Close Combat, Steel Wing, U-Turn
Basculin Blue "Sharpira" Acca 8 3rd Voted Out Day 9 Aqua Jet, Take Down, Pursuit
Houndoom "Cerberus" Ashanti 4 4th Person Voted Out Day 12 Fire Blast, Crunch
Steelix Ashanti 4 5th Person Voted Out, Day 15
Drapion "Arizona" Acca 4 6th Person Voted Out, Day 18
Samurott Ashanti 8 7th Voted Out, Day 21
Drifblim "Zephyr" Ashanti 6 8th Voted Out, J #1, Day 24
Basculin Red "Barry" Ashanti 13* 9th Voted Out, J# 2, Day 27
Medicham Acca 2 10th Voted Out, J#3, Day 30
Luxray Acca 4 11th Voted Out, J#4, Day 33
Dusknoir Acca 8 12th Voted Out, J#5, Day 36
Conkeldurr Ashanti 4 13th Voted Out, J#6, Day 37
Ampharos Ashanti 5* 14th Voted Out, J#7, Day 38
Scizor "Edward" Acca 2 Runner-Up
Slowbro "Savana" Acca 6 Sole Survivor
Episode Original Airdate Immunity Snatcher Challenge Winners Voted Off Vote Finish
"Oooh Shiny!!" September 17th 2011 Ashanti Imm
4-2-1-1 1st Voted Out Day 3
"Language of Luxray" September 24th 2011 Ashanti Rew Staraptor 4-4/5-1 2nd Voted Out Day 6
"Domino's Anchovy Pizza needs to get delivered to Ponderosa!" October 1st 2011 Ashanti Imm Basculin Blue 6-1 3rd Voted Out Day 9
"He's like a Shuckle that won't die under the refrigarator!" October 8th 2011 Acca Imm Houndoom 4-3 4th Voted Out Day 12
"Roll The Dice" October 15th 2011 Acca Imm Steelix 4-2 5th Voted Out Day 15
"He'll sink the ship" Octber 22nd 2011 Acca Rew Scizor 3-2-1 6th Voted Out Day 18
Drapion Fails Vishnu/Edward(Imm) Samurott 6-4 7th Voted Out Day 21
Drifblim fails Vishnu(Imm) Drifblim 6-2-1 8th Voted Out 1st Juror Day 24
Ampharos Succeeds Rusty(Dolly) Basculin R. 5-3 9th Voted Out 2nd Juror Day 27
Conkeldurr Fails Watson Medicham 2-1 10th Voted Out 3rd Juror Day 30
Ampharos Fails Rusty Luxray 4-2 11th Voted Out 4th Juror Day 33
Slowbra Fails Edward Dusknoir 4-1 12th Voted Out 5th Juror Day 36
N/A Edward Rusty 3-1 13th Voted Out 6th Juror Day 37
N/A Edward Dolly 1-0 14th Voted Out 7th Jury Member Day 38
  • Imm- The tribe chose immunity
    • Rew- The tribe chose reward
    • Five extra votes were cast against Staraptor during the tiebreaker vote. Basculin Red received 1 extra vote during the tiebreaker vote.
Episode 1 2 2 3 4 5 6
Voted Out Donphan 4/8 votes Tie 4/4 votes Fighter Jet 5/6 votes Basculin B. 6/7 votes Cerberus 4/7 votes Irene 4/6 votes Scizor 3/6 votes
Barry Fighter Jet Fighter Jet Cerberus Irene
Rusty Fighter Jet Fighter Jet Cerberus Irene
Beck Lincoln Sharpira Arizona
Savana Sharpira Sharpira Arizona
Zephyr Fighter Jet Fighter Jet Cerberus Otto
Arizona Lincoln Sharpira Watson
Otto Barry Barry Barry Irene
Dolly Barry Fighter Jet Barry Irene
Watson Lincoln Sharpira Arizona
Vishnu Sharpira Sharpira Beck
Edward Lincoln Sharpira Watson
Irene Fighter Jet Fighter Jet Cerberus Otto
Cerberus Barry Fighter Jet Barry 
Sharpira Vishnu Savana
Staraptor Barry Barry
Lincoln Savana

Merge Voting ChartEdit

Voted Out Otto 6/10 votes Zephyr 6/9 votes Basculin R. 5/8 votes Medicham 2/3 votes Watson 4/6 votes Beck 4/5 votes Rusty 3/4 votes Dolly 1 vote Edward 2/7 votes Savana 5/7 votes
Savana Otto Zephyr Basculin R. Dolly Watson Beck Rusty Dolly
Edward Otto Zephyr Basculin R. Dolly Watson Beck Rusty
Dolly Beck Edward Savana Vishnu Watson Beck Rusty Savana
Rusty Beck Edward Savana Vishnu Watson Beck Savana Edward
Beck Otto Zephyr Barry Dolly Dolly Dolly Edward
Watson Otto Zephyr Barry Dolly Dolly Savana
Vishnu Otto Zephyr Basculin R. Beck Savana
Barry Beck Zephyr Savana Savana
Zephyr Otto Barry Savana
Otto Beck