Winner Sandy the Sandslash(4-3)
Location Niger
No.Of Contestants 18
Poketch Player of The Season Cacnea
Tribes Niamey
8 Caiden, Nikola, Ramona, Barbara
11 Dracula
18 Habuki, Ramona
21 Sandy
22 Cameron
27 Brunhilde
Theme Song Survivor Africa Theme
Original Run September 15th 2006- December 2006
Previous Season Pokemon Survivor: French Guiana
Next Season Pokemon Survivor Cambodia
Contestant Original Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes Moveset
Cameron the Slowking, Lv.49 Magaria None None 1st Voted Out Day 3 8 Unknown
Dragoon the Shelgon, Lv.44 Niamey None None 2nd Voted Out Day 6 6 Dragon Claw, Rock Tomb, Flamethrower, Headbutt
Oslo the Dewgong, Lv.21 Magaria None None 3rd Voted Out Day 7 5 Ice Beam, Signal Beam, Amnesia, Rest
Damian the Houndour, Lv.22 Niamey None None 4th Voted Out Day 7 6 Flamethrower, Smog
Dylan the Lairon, Lv.37 Niamey Magaria None 5th Voted Out Day 10 4 Rock Tomb, Iron Defense
Brutus the Primeape, Lv.23 Niamey Niamey None 6th Voted Out Day 12 5 Karate Chop Overheat
Habuki the Seviper, Lv.35 Niamey Niamey None 7th Voted Out Day 15 9 Poison Tail, Giga Drain, Crunch
Chimera the Girafarig, Lv.29 Magaria Magaria None 8th Voted Out Day 18 5 Agility, Psychic, Double Team
Zulu the Marowak, Lv. 36 Niamey Magaria Wodaabe 9th Voted Out Day 21 7 Bonemerang, Rock Tomb, Headbutt, Iron Tail
Margaret the Camerupt Lv. 57 Niamey Magaria 10th Voted Out 1st Jury Member Day 24 3 Overheat Earthquake Fissure Amnesia
Iggy the Magmar Lv. 34 Magaria Magaria 11th Voted Out 2nd Jury Member Day 27 2 Flamethrower
Nikola the Electabuzz, Lv. 36 Magaria Magaria 12th Voted Out 3rd Jury Member Day 30 12 Thunderbolt Light Screen Swift Psychic
Brunhilde the Jynx, Lv. 45 Magaria Magaria 13th Voted Out 4th Jury Member Day 33 9 Ice beam Water pulse psychic lovely kiss
Caiden the Ninjask, Lv.36 Niamey Niamey 14th Voted Out 6th Jury Member Day 36 5* Double Team Aerial Ace Swords Dance
Dracula the Crobat Magaria Niamey 15th Voted Out 6th Jury Member Day 37 2

Barbara the Cacnea, Lv. 28

Magaria Niamey 16th Voted Out 7th Jury Member Day 38 8 Needle arm Sandstorm
Ramona the Zangoose, Lv.34 Niamey Niamey Runner-Up 8* Crush Claw Slash
Sandy the Sandslash, Lv.30 Magaria Niamey Sole Survivor 1 Sandstorm
Episode Title Airdate Reward Immunity Voted Out Vote Finish Exiled
"This Aint High School" 9-15-2006 Niamey Cameron 8-1 1st Voted Out Day 3
"Who's idea was it to put these two on the same tribe?" 9-25-2010 Magaria Magaria Dragoon 4-3-2 2nd Voted Out Day 6
"Ouch" 10-2-2010 Magaria Sandy Oslo 4-4-Tiebreaker 3rd Voted Out Day 7
(Habuki) Damon 6-2 4th Voted Out Day 7
"Heaven and Earth" 10-9-2010 Magaria Niamey Dylan 4-3 5th Voted Out Day 11 Habuki
"Catch a Beedrill with honey not vinegar" 10-9-2010 Niamey Magaria Brutus 5-2 6th Voted Out Day 14 Margaret
"Switcheroo" 10-16-2010 Magaria Habuki 5-1 7th Voted Out Day 15 Electivire
"Your joking, right?" 10-23-2010 Niamey Niamey Chimera 5-1 8th Voted Out Day 18 Iggy
"Merge of The Ages"-Special Halloween Episode 10-30-2010 Caana* Victreebell None Dugrio 7-1-1-1 Rhypherior None
"Being nice won't win you the million dollars!" 11-6-2010 Charizard(Kingdra, Rhypherior) Tauros None Charizard 5-4 Milotic Milotic
"If you quit, I'll quit with you!" 11-13-2010 Omastar, Seaking, Tauros, Victreebell Kingdra None Victreebell 5-3 Omastar Milotic
"If you betray me, I'll kick you so hard your shell will fall off!" 11-20-2010 Survivor Auction Tauros None Seaking 4-3 Milotic Milotic
"Godess of Belize" 11-27-2010 Rhypherior(Tauros, Omastar) Milotic None Rhypherior 5-1 Beedrill Omastar
"Almost to the top of the mountain" 12-4-2010 Tauros Tauros None Milotic 3-2
"I'm not done yet!" 12-11-2010 None Final 4- Tauros Final 3- Beedrill Omastar Tauros 3-1/1
"Reunion" 12-11-2010
  • In the preview of episode 3, Rapidash is shown on exile island.
  • Although Caana won reward, nobody was sent to exile Island because of the merge.
Tribal Council 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 colspan="2" 14 colspan="2" 15
Voted Out Cameron 8/9 votes Dragoon 4/9 votes Tie 4/4 votes Oslo Tiebreaker Damon 6/8 votes Dylan 4/7 votes Brutus 5/7 votes Habuki 5/6 votes Chimera 5/6 votes Zulu 6/10 votes Tie 3/3 votes Margaret 5/6 votes Iggy 2/2 votes Nikola 5/7 votes Brunhilde 5/6 votes Caiden 3/5 votes Dracula 2/4 votes Barbara 1 vote
Sandslash Cameron Oslo Brutus Habuki Zulu Ramona Margaret Caiden Nikola Brunhilde Caiden Dracula Barbara
Ramona Habuki Damon" Habuki Habuki Nikola Nikola Iggy Brunhilde Barbara Barbara
Barbara Oslo Milotic Victreebell Brutus Dugtrio Victreebell Victreebell Seaking Rhypherior Milotic Omastar
Dracula Cameron Oslo Brutus Electivire Dugtrio Charizard Milotic Kingdra Rhypherior Milotic Kingdra
Caiden Dragoon Rapidash Miltank Brutus Electivire Dugtrio Charizard Victreebell Seaking Rhypherior Kingdra
Brunhilde Cameron Barbara Dugtrio Victreebell Victreebell Seaking Omastar
Nikola Cameron Barbara Kingdra
Iggy Cameron Barbara Rapidash Miltank Qwilfish Charizard Charizard Charizard Milotic
Margaret Habuki Damon Brunhilde Chimera Nikola Nikola
Zulu Dragoon Damon Brunhilde Chimera Nikola
Chimera Cameron Oslo Dylan Zulu
Habuki Cameron Ramona Gastly Victreebell
Brutus Cameron Dragoon Gastly
Dylan Dragoon Milotic Beedrill
Damon Ramona Milotic
Oslo Cameron Barbara
Dragoon Ramona
Cameron Brunhilde


Vote Ramona 3/7 votes Sandy 4/7 votes
Barbara Sandy
Dracula Sandy
Caiden Ramona
Brunhilde Sandy
Joel Ramona
Iggy Sandy
Margaret Ramona

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